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有機寵物 CBD 口服油 450mg
  • 有機寵物 CBD 口服油 450mg


    讓您的寵物有更優質的生活品質! Seven Organics 的 CBD 口服油能夠成功舒緩寵物的焦慮不安、緩解敏感性皮膚,擺脫發炎及疼痛等症狀。

    Bring your pet to a whole new world of relaxation and relief! With our Organic CBD OIL Tincture, your pooch will brim with energy, confidence, and excitement in no time.


      USDA certified-organic

      Braod spectrum, vegan, 0.0% THC and alcohol-free

      Proprietary cannabinoid formulas

      Premium Grade

      Made with USA hemp

    • HOW TO USE

      Put directly into your pet's mouth or add to their daily food.


      3.75mg CBD Per Quarter Dropper

      450mg CBD Per Bottle

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