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廣譜有機薄荷 CBD 油 1350mg
  • 廣譜有機薄荷 CBD 油 1350mg


    全天然有機漢麻粹取及有機特級初榨橄欖油製成,完美純度廣譜 CBD 油,有益健康,提昇愉悦幸福感。

    Providing you with absolute bliss has never been easier with our Seven Organics Extra Strength CBD Tincture.


      USA-grown, USDA-certified organic hemp

      Pure concentration

      Higher dosage

      Gulten-free, 0.0% THC

    • HOW TO USE

      Take one dribble (1mL) once a day or more

      Drip directly into mouth or under tongue 


      1350mg CBD Per Bottle

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